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Ron Lindquist wrote:

> Listeee's Have a frozen water line and have a voicing job
> coming up---I hope. Can someone send the #######'s for the place that
> sells them , and a picture. ??
> tks

Greg Newell
Greg's Piano Forté
19270 Harlon Ave.
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

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Usenet piano group

>Just a simple question: I'm curious why this group
>does not operate as a Usenet newsgroup? It seems to be
>a very active group- the mailing list format is
>unfortunately much more difficult to follow.

The three programs I have for reading news/mail all handle both
news and mail the same way, including threading, filters, kill
commands, etc. So I'm not so sure that Usenet groups have much
of an advantage anymore. But I guess the answer to your question
is that the list started off as a mailing list and nobody's seen
any reason to change it.


p.s. As you probably know, there is a Usenet group,,
      which is mostly for people who play the piano but quite a number of
      piano technicians participate in the discussions

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Bench Grand Regulation

<<>I hate it when I
regulate a piano and it is WAY out when I get back to the piano.

   One way to avoid this is to set your key dip on the ends of the sections,
in the piano. When placed on a bench, shimming to restore this same key dip
will usually make that section very close to its final specs. It is faster
to do some things in the piano, like let-off.
Ed Foote RPT

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Mason & Hamlin B scale Phone Number

> >
> > Does anyone have the scale for a 1936 Mason & Hamlin "B" grand?

> John Travis Guide to Restringing lists two scales.

I further suggest that you contact Mason & Hamlin. Paul Monachino is
the man to talk to (his NY phone # is 716-377-1904). I think that the
company ledgers, which will indicate what piano got what scale, etc.
are at Haverhill, and probably the data is now all computer
accessible. If Paul is unavailable, talk to Bruce Clark.


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G C String Phone Number

This is the number for G.C. Piano Company
Danny Vigneux
(416) 755-7109

Good luck.

David Skolnik

At 02:22 PM 02/28/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Anyone have a working # for G C Strings of Canada?

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