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Hathaway site orchestrions

From: [].geentroep (Terry Hathaway)
To: <>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 10:21:47 -0800

Subject: Hathaworld Web Site to Diminish

Dear Friends: I will soon be moving my HathaWorld web site to another
much smaller server in order to reduce costs, which means that I will
out of necessity be eliminating much of the site's content. I will be
keeping completely intact, and adding to, at least for the time being,
only the section of CD's for sale. I have put a lot of effort into
this audio archiving project, and would therefore like it to remain
available to help create and continue interest in automatic musical

In case there is any historical information on the site that you as
a MMD member may desire to retain for future reference, please go to
and save such information soon. I expect that my site will remain as
it currently is for at least another week, but after that time it may
be reduced in size without further notice.

I am making this kind of move because there is currently not enough
interest and/or response to continue with the current cost basis.
Therefore, I am falling back to using a minimal Internet access
service, but will continue to use the established domain


Terry Hathaway
(562) 944-0127


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End of Digest 01.02.06

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